Membership Application

NOTE: Regular IFA membership requires that you are a licensed Indiana falconer and agree to honor the IFA Member Pledge (Code of Ethics). In addition, it is important that you contact our Treasurer, Robert Thomson, in order to arrange payment of your first year's dues ($20). Robert's contact information is: or (317) 306-5322.

IFA MEMBER PLEDGE (Code of Ethics): I pledge to embrace the highest standards of moral and ethical conduct, complying with all Federal and State regulations, providing quality care of the raptor(s) in my possession, respecting the land and the quarry I pursue in the practice of falconry.

If you are not a resident of Indiana or a licensed falconer you are invited to become an "Associate" Member. Associate members are not eligible to vote or hold an office in IFA, but enjoy all other benefits. IMPORTANT: ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED AND MUST BE COMPLETED IN ORDER TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION.

Applicant Details
* I understand membership is contingent upon agreement to honor the IFA Member's Pledge (code of ethics), which I have read and accept. (see above)
I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy *
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