Falconry Links

The following links are directly or indirectly related to falconry and/or birds of prey and may be of interest to you. These links are provided as a convenience to you but does not mean the IFA supports all the ideas, opinions or views presented on these sites. If you find any of the links do not work or would like addition links added then please contact any of the IFA Officers.

The Modern Apprentice Website - IFA recommends apprentice falconers follow the guidance of their sponsors. The Modern Apprentice is an additional source of good supplemental information worth checking out.
The Raptor Center (University of Minnesota)
Utah Falconers and Raptor Breeders Association
Avian Flu Information
KestrelFalconry.com - For those interested in the American Kestrel Falcon for use in falconry...check it out.
NAFEX - North American Falconry Exchange

Falconry Groups
North American Falconer's Association
Alabama Hawking Association
Arkansas Hawking Association
California Hawking Club
Florida Falconer's Association
Florida Hawking Fraternity
Georgia Falconry Association
Great Lakes Falconers Association
Iowa Falconers Association
Kansas Hawking Club
Kentucky Falconers Association
Massachusetts Falconry and Hawk Trust
Michigan Hawking Club
Missouri Falconers Association
New Jersey Falconry Club
New York State Falconry Association
North Carolina Falconer's Guild
Ohio Falconry Association
Pennsylvania Falconry and Hawk Trust
Texas Hawking Association
Virginia Falconers Association
Washington Falconers Association
West Virginia Falconry
Wisconsin Falconry Association

Falconers Yellow Pages
Mac Falcon - Falconry equipment and supplies - Netherlands
Mike Dupuy Hawk Food - Hawk food, equipment and supplies.
Mike's Falconry Supplies
Northwoods Falconry
Western Sporting - Falconry equipment, books and supplies outfitter.

L.L. Electronics
Marshall Radio Telemetry

Birds of Prey and Related Wildlife Pages
All about Bald Eagles
American Falconry Conservancy - Formerly known as Wild Raptor Take Conservancy (WRTC)
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association
The Peregrine Fund
Raptor Research Foundation

Government Agencies - Federal, State, etc.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service